The Allestree Local History Group (formerly Allestree Local Study Group) is interested in the history and development of Allestree and surrounding area. It has a particular interest in the future of Allestree Hall and Park. The group has a considerable amount of archive material including maps of Allestree.

The Group welcomes new members. If you are interested then please contact Matthew. Non members are also welcome to come as visitors to meetings.

All meetings will be held in the Vestry at St Nicholas Church, Allestree

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12 responses to “Introduction

  1. Hi there – I am searching (from the wirral) for any information regarding an Alice Woolley who was presented a china cup by thomas woodward inscribed “on the erection of the new clock at Allestree Church 1855” – would like to know who she was or indeed why she was given the cup for this occassion – a long shot but thankyou in advance.

    • Woodward had a timber yard near the church and was well known in the Village but I don’t know anything about the event you mentioned. I’ll pass your request on

      • thank you very much for your help – as i say we just would like to find more about the woolley family so any clue would be of great help

  2. Charles Edwards

    Hello Matthew i believe my granddad Charles Robert Edwards was born in Allestree in 1871 would be nice to find any records many thank Charlie.

    • Hi Charlie
      I have had a quick look in but found nothing for that name during the period around 1871.

      The Group does not have the resources to do family history searches for people making requests. There are specialist groups who can do searches for you or you can do your own research – on-line family history facilities are very good now and normally free.

      • Correction he was born 1872 and married in 1893,found the original connection with Allestree from which is free,Also.from newspaper archives Allestree cricket club names a c.Edwards not made a connection yet tho…

  3. Hi, I wonder if any of your members, or you know of anyone, that has a collection of old postcards or prints of Allestree that we could use in a book we will be publishing later this year? We are looking for a couple of dozen interesting ones to help illustrate the chapters.

  4. I have been asked where the Abbey Quarry was in Allestree please. As I am an ‘incomer’ I do not have much knowledge of the area.

    • I’m not sure about the Abbey Quarry but I’ll ask the members if they know. There’s no abbey in Allestree – nearest one was in Darley Abbey.

      • Since posting my query, I have been told by other sources that where the cricket ground and bowls green are was a quarry in past years. So perhaps that was where my questioner was referring to.

  5. Monica Monticelli

    Not sure if people are aware that they are proposing to build two two-storey houses right at the back of the thatched house in the Allestree village, right in the Conservation Area. If you are concerned about this, you need to object by the 29th Dec! You can view planning and object by going to application n. 12/14/01633 thanks

  6. Monica Monticelli

    Just to let you know, in case people is concern and not aware yet but they have submitted an application for building two 3-bed houses in the back garden of the only thatch house in Allestree, in the conservation area! Great way of ‘preserving or enhancing’ the area by building two modern houses in an attractive garden of a house that nobody will ever want to buy and maintain… If you want to object you need to be quick as the consultation period is closing soon. Application 03/15/00306 and 03/15/00307 for 19 Cornhill. Thanks.

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